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Telecom Field Engineer with more work and better remunerations

For the fourth consecutive year, the College of Engineers, together with the company Conexión Ingenieros and the Corporation of Deans of Engineering Faculties (Condefi), announced the results of the  "Annual Survey of Engineering Salaries 2017" . 

The  sample included more than 11 thousand Telecom Field engineer professionals and considered indicators such as employability, income, years of experience, reality by sectors of economic activity, types of specialization acquired, happiness in professional practice, among other indicators.

From the College of Engineers they pointed out to that civil engineering is the career with the most graduates, followed by execution engineering (or non-civil engineering); and finally commercial engineering that increases one percentage point compared to the previous year's participation. 

Another of the data that draws attention is participation according to the region of work. 

The constant of the high number of engineers working in Santiago is maintained . The caveat is that this year there was greater participation from regions, reaching almost a quarter.